Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Just in case you were curious...

I am managing to squeeze in some work on jewelry while we travel! (Photo of me at Guadalupe Mountains National Park)


Logan (at) rowdykittens.com said...

Great to hear!

I read a review this morning of a bike on ecovelo and the decals totally reminded me of your very popular mustache headbadge. I'll have to send the handsome devil bike designers an email and let them know of your fantastic work and how great it would look on some of their steeds. :)


Logan (at) rowdykittens.com said...

Whoops I forgot to include a link to the ecovelo review Alan put up on the bike: http://www.ecovelo.info/2010/02/16/handsome-cycle-co-devil-2/

He also compares it to the Surly long haul trucker, a model near and dear to your heart. :)