Monday, July 7, 2008

Introducing Custom Head Badges for your Bicycle!

This idea has been brewing for about two months and I am happy to announce that I am finally taking orders for custom head badges!

What's a head badge? Think of it as a hood ornament for your bicycle. It gets mounted to the front part of your bike's head tube. Most bicycles these days have a wimpy plastic head badge or, even worse, a painted logo. But, you're unique, and you want your bicycle to reflect you (not the company that you bought the bike from). Which is where a custom head badge comes in...

These are just a few samples that I have made for myself and friends. But, the sky's the limit as far as designs. If you can draw it as a simple black & white line drawing, then I can make it into a head badge.

Basic pricing is as follows:
:: Custom head badges in copper start at $70.
:: Custom head badges in sterling silver start at $85.
:: Design fee (if you need some help making your idea into a 2-D image): $10.

How do you order? I have added listings to my etsy shop where you can order easily. Simply use the "Notes to Seller" section to explain what your design will be and provide an email address or phone number so I can contact you. Turn around time will be approximately 1 week.

Over the next few weeks, I will also be adding some simple "stock" shapes that will be less expensive, in case you want something more unique than "Trek" but aren't sure just what you're looking for yet.

Need some ideas? Check out the head badge group on flickr.

P.S. Thank you Bike Commuters for a lovely write up!

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stacey said...

i like this idea!
since parker and i scoot around, i may have to get one.