Friday, April 10, 2009

The catalogs are in the mail...

Last night, as I was packing up my little catalog bundles to go out to some shops, I was laughing at what a prime example it is of all the different hats you end up wearing when you're a one-woman show. Not only did I make all the jewelry, but I took all the photos, designed and laid out the catalogs (and then bound them too!), typed up the line sheet, designed and laid out the postcards that I'm sending with the catalogs, designed and cut all the little notecards on which I hand-wrote introduction notes, wrote out all the labels on the envelopes, and in a little while I'll walk them all down to the post office. Whew. No wonder I get tired sometimes. :)

I'm excited to get these mailed off and put a period at the end of this very long project. Sometimes it's hard for me to actually finish things that I start (I can't count the number of jewelry pieces that are half-done in my studio, nor the number of books on our bookshelf that have a bookmark stuck somewhere in the middle), so I'm quite proud that I followed this all the way through. Fingers crossed that great things will come from it!

Have a Happy Friday everyone!

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