Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Middle of Nowhere... Here I Come!

And... we're off again!

I have been waiting, not very patiently, until we finally get to leave for our next bike touring adventure. I've been so excited for at least the last month that it's been hard to sit still (kinda like that feeling you get as a kid those last few days before Christmas!).

We're taking the train to San Luis Obispo and then riding up to Paso Robles (via a campout in Morro Bay) for the Great Western Bicycle Rally. We'll be in Paso Robles for a few days, riding around the hills and hobnobbing with other geeky cyclists. And then, from Paso Robles, we'll be riding back through a lot of nothingness, along the San Andres Fault to Ventura (where we'll hop a train back). And this time, it'll be more than just Russ and I! We have a whole big group of people coming along (for various parts of the trip). Can you see why I'm so excited?!

And as I mentioned earlier, I'm really hoping that being out in the middle of nowhere will help me make sense of the jumble of half-formed ideas in my head. Even though I have no idea what this trip will end up looking like, I know that I'll be surrounded by inspiration the entire time - and I'm so thrilled!

I'm leaving my etsy shop open, although I won't be sending out orders until I get back. See you all in June!

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