Monday, May 4, 2009

My Twitter Dilemma - and a Contest!

With all the recent developments in my life, Twitter has suddenly become something that I need to figure out and become a part of.

The problem? Twitter has a maximum number of allowable characters for your username. Which means that "tangerinetreehouse" is too long - I get stopped at "tangerinetreeho" (which isn't really the right image!).

Why is this a problem? Well, it's all about branding and identity. I want to keep the same name on every aspect of my online life, so that everything points back to my website, so that there's consistency in my online (or, for that matter, offline) presence, so that people recognize me.

I would love to just not join Twitter out of protest. But, like I said, I kinda sorta need to move into the Twitter world. So... how do I abbreviate my name without losing the tie to everything else?


Help me create a Twitter name by leaving your suggestions in the comments - and I'll enter you in a drawing for your choice of something from my shop! (Up to $100 value, no custom work.)



~ Lora Hart Jewels ~ said...

I think you've nailed it with TngrineTreehous. I understand the lack of an a, don't even register the lack of the first e and am familiar with hous for house already. I would automatically understand that TngrineTreehous is your shop/line/blog/brand.

But when you figure out HOW to use twitter to good effect, please let us all know. I have an account and started to tweet for the first few weeks after I signed up, but it never really caught on with me and I'm a lapsed Tweeter. Good luck with it.

Laura Crawford said...

Thanks Lora. I still have a long way to go to really grasp Twitter's usefulness, but at least now I understand the point of its existence! :)

Quick question: Do you think it feels at all cheap and cheesy to abbreviate? Or does it just make sense, given how abbreviated everything is with Twitter?

megan said...


I don't know, I sort of like TangerineTreeho (just kidding!)

I might try


(Wow this is really hard, I've been siting hear trying to come up with names for you) maybe TngrnTreehouse

As for Twitter's purpose, I'm totally a twitter addict - some of the primary ways I use it are
-to drive traffic to my blog - whenever i post to my blog, i follow it up on twitter
-drive traffic to my online store
-to keeps tabs on what other people are doing
-get instant feedback, when i'm stuck on a project, i turn to twitter, there are always other artists around to give me feedback

good luck getting the name sorted out - when you've decided, you can find me at meganauman

megan said...

oh, and i just posted your blog post on twitter - maybe that'll send a few people over!

Laura Crawford said...

Thanks Megan! Picking three letters to leave out while still having a name that makes sense is ridiculously hard. I can use all the help I can get! :)

aumantm said...

Well because my big sis Megan said so.... i'll take a shot at helping you out.

Don't know how much of your name you would actually like to keep in but heres my shot in the dark:


It's less than the max but I like the symmetry of the four letters of each word.

sese said...

You could go completely vowelless: TngrnTrhs. Arabic languages often leave out vowels. Or half and half: TangerineTrhs.

Nikki said...

House is traditionally abbreviated "HSE" so I would go with something like TangerinTreeHSE. Good luck! I haven't joined the ranks of Twitter yet . . . .

Cynthia Del Giudice said...

Hi Laura,
I vote for TangerineTreeHs

I had the same problem. It wouldn't let me use my full name. I had to go by CynthiaDG

~ Lora Hart Jewels ~ said...

Hm, Depends on the abbreviation and the reader Laura. I think TangTreeHous sounds like an orange drink that astronauts drink while playing Tarzan and TangerineTreeHs is a high school.

I kind of like TangerineTreeHSE. But I'm still sticking to my original suggestion of TngerineTreehous. Abbreviations on the internet are totally De Rigeur, so I doubt that anyone would think it's inappropriate. And that is what Twitter is all about. IMHO that is. ;-)

Celsius1414 said...

I think you can have a real name distinct from your username. Thus you could pick whatever for that 15-character-limited username, but then have a display name of "Tangerine Treehouse."

That said, TngernTreehouse might work.