Sunday, February 10, 2008

Breaking in a new tool...

Today, I was inspired to light up my torch and test out my new soldering tripod. I've been soldering over just a lowly little brick for the past year or so - and it just isn't cutting it anymore. (I came to this conclusion a month or so ago when I accidentally dropped the piece I was working on while trying to move it enough to get the flame underneath - and scorched a hole in the linoleum floor.) So, I finally splurged and dropped the $16.30 for the tripod. Below, my new soldering set-up.

The tripod is definitely an improvement. Since I'm soldering on a bathroom counter, the tripod creates enough height that I don't have to hunch over anymore. Hooray! (And no more running the risk of dropping hot pieces of metal on the floor.) Below, a close-up of the piece I'm working on. I love the way the flux turns such bright and interesting colors the more you heat it.

I have a few new pieces that I'm experimenting with that I hope to finish up this week. Stay tuned.

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