Wednesday, February 27, 2008

FINALLY... (New work)

Wow, it seriously feels like it has taken me forever to finish some new work. (I highly recommend NOT getting sick in the middle of a project.)

This pendant was a lot of fun to create. It may not be drastically different from my previous work, but it definitely helped break me out of my routine. I've been working in squares and rectangles a lot in the past. They're easy to cut, easy to file, etc. And, although I've been able to work in some fun squiggles, I've gotten bored with the forms I'd worked with before and I've been itching to break out of the boundaries of square.

I was also working on another piece (the cloud shape with the green leaves) that I had planned to finish up and post here as well. But, after wearing it out the other night, I began to feel that it fell a bit flat from what I had wanted to create. And since I'm trying to nail down the pieces that will go in my catalog, I wanted to give myself the opportunity to tweak it as needed before posting it online.

But, the pendant above I am very happy with. And definitely plan to include in my catalog (which I hope to finish up in March).

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