Monday, May 12, 2008

Finishing up the Project Runway Challenge

For the past few years, I've tossed around an idea to incorporate a little vase into a necklace or brooch that would enable the wearer to carry fresh flowers or a little plant with them as they went through their day. I've never really been able to figure out a way to do this that I was happy with, though, so, at first, I thought this challenge would be the perfect opportunity to explore that idea further.

But then I saw Kait's beautiful piece. And I decided to go off in a different direction and work with dried flowers and plants instead, so as to create something with a look and feel separate from her own work. (The dried flower approach probably makes more sense with the branch neckpiece anyway.)

In planning out what to incorporate into the necklace and how I wanted the finished piece to look, I decided to keep it simple and work with dried purple statice and lemon thyme. They bring in some great spring colors without overpowering the eucalyptus. And here's how it turned out...

I like the way the very fragile dried flowers and herbs look against the sturdy branches (even though it looks a bit like something a Greek goddess might wear on her head).

Don't forget to check out the other variations on this theme by Kait, Alisa (I love those earrings!) and Annie.


kait said...

That is absolutely lovely! It has a delicacy that eluded me in my piece. I just got sucked in by those big blooms! This seems much more wearable and more clearly jewelry than mine. Fabulous!

alisa said...

oooooh! i love it! it's so delicate and sweet. interesting to see how the dried plants really change the whole look of the necklace from when it was just twigs. it went from looking kind of like barbed wire to beeing this delicate necklace suitbale for a spring nymph!
i do hope you'll consider doing this again in june. :-)

Laura Crawford said...

Thanks Kait! Most of my work isn't as delicate (and I purposely decided to not coat anything in a shellac to keep that delicate feeling), so it was a fun change for me (always good to shake it up). Although, honestly, I probably would've gotten sucked into using big bright flowers too if I hadn't been able to peek at your first! :)

Laura Crawford said...

And thanks Alisa. I'll be interested to hear what other challenge ideas crop up in June.