Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Going Car-Free

I am sitting in my apartment right now, a bit stunned by how easy it was to part with my trusty Saturn. Her new owners are a lovely couple, exactly the people I was hoping would come along. And they are very excited to take her home. He paid me in cash, I signed over the pink slip, handed him the key, and that was it.

And now I am officially Car-Free!

No more insurance payments. No more remembering to move her out of the way of the street sweeper. No more scheming where to park her when we'll be out of town.

As much as I loved my car and have really incredible memories of her, it's such a wonderful feeling to let her go and be 100% on my bike and my own two feet. And I feel incredibly blessed that I have the option and opportunity to make this choice.

Bye Scout.

(Photo of me driving away in Scout in May 2001 after my graduation... Our maiden voyage was from school in Massachusetts to my mom's home in Oregon... Notice my dad's reflection in the back window as he takes the photo)

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Shek said...

good to hear of one more person that has gone car free. I stumbled here through Russ Roca's blog. Ironically, I own a saturn too and am getting real close every passing day to sell it off.