Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Spiffy new banner

So I updated my banner above. What do you think? I also updated the banner on my etsy shop and I did a big update of my website. I think it looks cleaner and more modern. Ooh la la.

I'm still trying to sort out a tagline. I like the idea of having a tagline because it gives me a quick and simple way to describe my work and draw someone in. Especially with several shows coming up - I can use all the help I can get to pull people over to my booth(s). The problem is that I've spent so much time thinking about what sort of language to use that it's all a big jumble in my head. Which is where you come in... If you had to pick two or three words to describe my jewelry - the style, the feeling, the construction - what would they be? I would so greatly appreciate any thoughts. (You can just leave 'em in the comments.)

1 comment:

jayme lynn said...

earthy, unconventional and surprising.

there, does that make any sense?