Saturday, August 16, 2008

Making the most of my weekend

This week was a perfect example of why it can be so hard to juggle jewelry-making and another full-time job. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, I had to be at the office much much too early for a training (seriously, 6:15am?!). Which, needless to say, meant that I was tired to the point of delirious by the time I got home. I did a little bit of soldering Tuesday evening before I realized that I was probably way too tired to be wielding a torch.

So, I have BIG plans for this weekend, and a lot to finish up.

First off... the big pile of pendants to be soldered. Here they are, waiting patiently in my pickle pot. By the end of today, I need to have them all prepped and ready for me to drop in the bark and twigs and seeds and paper...

Next up is finishing all the bangles on my bench. I got in an order of some beautiful new seeds, so I want to set some of the bangles with some different colors. And, after that, I have another bunch of earrings waiting for me. Whew.

Also, I've been working with my mom (who is a beautiful graphic designer) to re-vamp my logo and construct a tagline for my jewelry. I'll be updating the banner on my sites shortly, but here's a sneak preview...

Have a great weekend everyone!

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dogwood said...

Wow. I've never actually seen a pickle pot till now. Jewelry making and metal work is so mysterious to me. It's fascinating!