Monday, September 22, 2008

And we're off!

Tomorrow, Russ and I (and our bikes) will hop on the Amtrak Coast Starlight train up to Albany, Oregon. I'm excited for this trip and I'm excited for the show, although I feel like I have no idea what to expect. Did I make enough jewelry? Did I make enough of the kind of jewelry that will sell well? I'll find out in a few days.

A few photos to leave you with...

The mountain of jewelry that is traveling with me, all tagged and individually bagged.

My bike, loaded up, as it will look when we ride between Albany and Corvallis.

Thanks everyone for your support over the last few months! I'll see you again in a few days.


jayme lynn said...

wow, so awesome. good luck laura, i'm sure you'll do well.

kait said...

Isn't that big pile of organized inventory satisfying?!
Good Luck!