Friday, September 12, 2008

Head badge lovin'

I discovered something really fun this evening... Momentum magazine ran a small blurb about head badges created by yours truly...
Jewellery For Your Bike

I am not normally a fan of "bike bling," but who can resist jewellery for your bike?

While quite a few craftspeople are making jewellery and wearable art from old bike parts, one is making it to put on your bike. And if you want something truly unique, design one yourself. She says that if you give her a black and white line drawing, she will transform it into a head badge.

Replace or cover that old painted or plastic head badge and make your bike feel like a million dollars. What? You think bikes don't have feelings? Insensitive philistine! Now about the matching earrings to hang from your bar ends...

How freakin' cool is that?! Now, I just have to find a copy somewhere...

Thanks to my friends Dominic and Jayme for letting me know!

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