Friday, October 10, 2008


Wow, I totally disappeared from the world this past week. Sorry about that. I caught a really gnarly cold last weekend that just knocked me out. Considering how hard I worked to get ready for Fall Festival, I was totally expecting to get sick when it was all over. However, I didn't expect it to wipe out my ability to think for a week straight. But, so is life on occassion.

Is anyone else amazed that it's October? My summer disappeared in a blur while I was hunched over my workbench. I guess every day is summer in Southern California, but I'm still amazed at how much time just flew right past me (and I didn't even notice). And now it's starting to get dark earlier in the evenings, reminding me that we really are inching our way up to "the holidays." Hmmm.

The Show & Sell was great. Despite the grey and dreary weather that day (yes, it does happen on occasion), we had a great turnout and I had a great time meeting the other artists. Many thanks to everyone who came out!

Due to the fuzzy headedness this week, we've cancelled the biking plans that we had for this weekend. Which means that I have some time to open my case of jewelry and take stock of everything. I'm really feeling like I want to refine some of my designs and figure out ways to assuage some of the concerns that I've heard recently. I think this is a longer-than-just-the-weekend process, but this is a good time to get started.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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