Thursday, January 15, 2009

Is it Thursday already?

Oof... this has been a busy week for me. Although, in retrospect, I'm not really sure why. Don't you love that?

Anyway, I have been puttering around, working on a piece for the Project Runway challenge, but I have nothing to show for it yet. I wanted to cut up something that I didn't mind losing as a wearable article. Which, unfortunately, meant that I spent too much time sorting through piles of possibilities, instead of just diving in. But, I've got a long 3-day weekend ahead, which means lots of time to work. So, stay tuned.

A few other things that are happening in my world...

I joined Kit & Caboodle, an online network for contemporary jewelers. Think of it as Facebook for jewelry.

And I've started guest-posting on Wednesdays on Russ' Epicurean Cyclist blog. I've already got two posts up. If you're interested in bike touring, check it out. I get to be the women's point of view.

Also, I'm getting ready to put up a few pieces on sale, which really doesn't happen often. So, if you're interested in picking up a genuine Tangerine Treehouse something at a fraction of its usual price, check back over the next few days.

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