Thursday, January 22, 2009

It's kinda cloudy right now...

After such a delightful weekend, I must confess that this has been a tough week for me. I think it's a given that all artists have slump periods, when creativity seems to not want to cooperate with you, when you question where you are and what you're doing, when sitting on the couch with a nice dark beer sounds like the best plan ever. Such has been my week. And, while frustrating, I'm trying to not fight it and let it teach me what it has to teach.

Which is to say that last week's Project Runway challenge just sort of fell apart. I found a shirt, I cut it up, I followed an idea, and it just didn't work out for me. So, I had to shelve it and move on. I thought I would probably give up on this week's challenge too. But, in the middle of the couch-sitting, my brain started working again.

Alisa set this week's challenge to Wall to Wall Fashion, a.k.a. use only materials found at home. I looked around my apartment and found a giant mess of bikes and to-do lists. And I thought, ah-ha!

It's a big mess of a brooch, but I quite like it. Bicycle inner tubes stitched together with a collage of my torn-up to-do lists on top and two pink buttons to finish it off.

Other challenge participants: Lora Hart and Mike and Rachelle. Alisa's to follow.

Edit: Check out Rachelle's own brooch and Alisa's necklace.


kait said...

I found that even the challenges that I wasn't happy with taught me things. Sometimes moving on it just the right thing to do.
This weeks: I love the way that the color of the stitching echoes the button. And using your to-do lists is great, both visually and metaphorically. (You have beautiful hand writing!)

Laura Crawford said...

Thanks Kait! I really wanted to attach some sort of gem or other sparkly something to contrast the everyday-ness of the rubber and to-do lists. But, alas, I couldn't quite figure out how to sew on a gemstone. :)