Thursday, January 8, 2009

More one-a-week challenges...

Last spring, I joined in one of the one-a-week Project Runway challenges that Annie over at Imogene came up with. And, in spite of my somewhat hermit tendencies (and the fact that I don't have cable and can't actually watch Project Runway), I really enjoyed it.

Well, Alisa just announced that she's starting up the next round of challenges. And I think I'm jumping on the bandwagon again. I like the idea of pushing myself in a totally different direction as a way of getting my brain to think beyond what I've already done and inspiring new work.

So, here we go... The theme? The clothes off your back.

Hmmm... Can I change into something I don't mind tearing apart first?

Alisa is shooting to finish hers next Thursday, so I will too. Which is great, because it gives me this weekend to work.

Anyone else joining in?

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