Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Back from our escape

We're back - and our weekend was exceptionally lovely. We slowed down the pace a bit for this trip - and spent a lot of time stopping for coffee, taking pictures, enjoying the scenery. I definitely needed the time to relax.

Most of the weekend turned out to be gloriously sunny. Not particularly warm, but really beautiful. And all of the recent storms meant that the air was clean and the horizons were clear and the mountain tops were dusted with snow. Pretty surreal, really, to ride through orange groves with a view of a snow-covered peak in the background.

And, then, at about midnight Sunday night, the sky just broke open. It poured and poured and pounded on our tent all night and into the morning. And, I am still amazed that our little tent took such a beating and didn't leak once!

And, so, we are back from another adventure. And already planning the next one. :)

Russ' photos (always better than mine) are on his blog.

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kait said...

Wow, that last view is incredible!