Friday, February 20, 2009

The Year of the Leaf

Last year, I pushed myself to make a catalog of some of my work, with the idea that I would then be able to sell my work to shops. Except, I was kinda never fully happy with the design of the catalog, or with the pieces that I was putting in it (have I mentioned I'm a perfectionist?), and I kinda wasn't even sure that wholesale was what I actually wanted to do. It was a good exercise, but after all that work, I never ended up sending out the catalog.

Fast forward to now... and I'm thinking that wholesale to select shops makes a lot of sense for me. Not that I'll give up my etsy shop or 1000markets shop. The key is to diversify. :)

So, I've started sketching out a new catalog. And, I must say that I'm quite excited. I have a truly lovely and amazingly creative friend who's ear I was able to bend on this matter and I think this catalog is going to be really fun to put together and send out to folks. No doubt it'll take me a little while to finish it all up, but since I'm so excited and all, I thought I'd share a sneak peek...

P.S. Did I mention that I'm proclaiming 2009 to be The Year of the Leaf...?!


megan said...

You should check out Ellen Lupton's book - Indie Publishing. I'm trying to put together my catalog, and I've found it very helpful.

And I think every year is the year of the leaf!

Laura Crawford said...

Thanks Megan! That book sounds promising on many levels - might actually inspire me to write a "real" book. :)

californiacraftersofetsy said...

Good luck! I keep trying to get my catalog right, but haven't been happy yet either!